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But won't everything go to my husband/wife/civilpartner/parents/children etc?

So what happens if I don't make a Will?

Who can make a Will?

Is making a Will difficult?

What makes a Will Valid?

Who can be a Witness?

What is the role of an Executor?

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Why do I need a Will?

Preparing to make a Will

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Who needs to make a Will?

But won't everything go to my husband/wife/civilpartner/parents/children etc?

So what happens if I don't make a Will?

Why is a Will important?

Is it difficult to make a Will?

What makes a Will Valid?

Who can witness a Will?

How long is a Will valid?

Do I need to amend my Will?

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Changes in the family


Cilvil Partnership


Dissolution of a Civil partnership


Change in financial circumstances

Change in Taxation

Going to live abroad

Executors & Trustees

Understanding the Role of an Executor

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Changes in the family

A baby is born; a child becomes 18 (or perhaps some significant later age); or there is a death or disability. A gift in your Will to a beneficiary who has died before you may lapse.


Automatically revokes a previous Will, unless your Will expressly states that it is made in contemplation of that fourthcoming marriage. It is always safer to prepare a new Will upon marrying.

Civil Partnership

Registering a Civil partnership has the same effect as marriage.


Unlike marriage, a divorce does not revoke a previous Will. But if your former spouse is named as a beneficiary, then upon divorce he or she will cease to be a beneficiary or receive a gift unless your Will expressly provides that the gift should still take effect if you divorce. If a former spouse is named Executor, then upon divorce he or she will no longer be allowed to act as Executor or obtain Probate of your Will. It is best to make a new Will whenever you get divorced.

Dissolution of Civil Partnership

The dissolution of a Civil Partnership has the same effect as a marriage

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Does not have the same effect on a Will which divorce has, so it is best to review the Will as soon as seperation occurs

Change in Financial Circumstances

You may have recently acquired assets which you would like to give to a particular beneficiaries, or perhaps due to hard times your estate may have become insufficiant to provide for the legacies you have made.

Changes in Taxatrion

If your estate is large enough (or becomes large enough) to attract Tax, new taxes or reliefs or changes in the rates may call for changes to your Will.

Going to Live Abroad

You are likely to acquire assets abroad and your domicile may change.

Executors & Trustees

Many people appoint trusted friends and reliatives to be the Executors of their Will, often without even consulting the person(s) involved and without having given much thought to what is actually involved in the role.

In addition to the immediate tasks you might be required to attend to, such as arranging the funeral, there is often a lot of paperwork to be dealt with and official documents which need to be completed over the first few weeks following a death.

You could find yourself administering the estate over a long period of time and you will also need to arrange for the care of any minor children and pets, and arrange adequeate insurance for the Deceased's assets, such as their property.

Being the Executor of an Estate is not reaslly an honour, it's a difficult and time consuming job that also carries some legal liability. For example, payment of all taxes becomes your personal liability as the Exeutor. You have a fiduciary duty to the Beneficiaries, and should any mistakes occur the Beneficiaries may look to you for compensation.

You may have to make tough decisions in order to comply with the wishes of the Deceased; these decisions could quite posibly lead to you becoming unpopular with the Beneficiaries and even cause diputes.

Having to carry out this role at a time when you may not be feeling up to the task can be extremely stressful.

A key consideration for you will be the extent to which you wish to involve professionals to help and support you. Our Probate team will be happy to assist with any questions you may have. Call us on 0800 056 2015 WDS Associates has been appointed as joint Executors. Where there is more than one Executor, it is usual for on Executor to take the leading role. WDS is an establised Trust Corporation specialising in Probate and will happily deal with the whole of the administration of the estate, if you so desire.

Understanding the Role of an Executor

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There is no particular complexity in making a gift to an adult