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Funeral Costs

Have you considered what a funeral costs today compared to what it will cost whe your family come to pay for it?

It is estimated that funeral costs increase by 10% per annum

Average cost now £3,000 to £4,000
Average cost in 10 years could be as much as £10,000

A 'basic' funeral now costs £3,785 on average: Hard-up families are racking up increasing levels of debt after losing loved ones

  • The price can even top £13k in London if you want to be buried, not cremated

  • Around 12%, or 74,000 of bereaved families, struggle to cover the costs

  • Borrowing jumped 14% to £1,990 on average over the past year, according to the Royal London National Funeral Cost Index

  • A clampdown on rip-off costs and regulation of funeral plans is on the way

  • Find out how to cut bills and get state help to hold funerals below

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