Professional Links

Are you a Qualified IFA? Opportunities exist for you to work alongside WDS Associates Legal Services

Our existing Business Links include all of the major networks and Companies like Castlegate and Mandrake Associates, Millfield and Kilminster Financial Management use us with confidence.
The Benefits of our Partnership Include:

* A pro-active, Professional Will Writing Service which you will be confident to use and recommend.
* Once you gain experience it can assist in completing your Inheritance Tax planning advice by making use of the first death allowance by way of a Discretionary Will Trust.
* You will get more Recommendations.
* Reciprocal Business.
* You will be providing your clients with an additional complimentary service.
* Additional Income.

Questions & Answers

Q. What about Professional Indemnity Insurance?
A. Every Will drafted is fully Indemnified by us.

Q. When will we start to receive business?
A. We can introduce as soon as you start giving us Wills, in reality the process usually starts a few weeks after your first Will introductions.

Q. How much Financial Services business will you give us?
A. We will look to introduce one client for every four - five Wills you give us.

Q. How much Introducers Commission do we pay you?
A. As long as business remains about equal then we do not expect any commission. If there is an imbalance then we expect to be paid your normal Introducers Rates (usually 10% - 25%) and we will return the same to you.

Q. How many Wills are you looking for?
A. Each of our Consultants is looking to complete about 20 Wills per month, 10 - 15 of these from an I.F.A. It doesn't’t matter how much you introduce, but if you can give your Will Writer these amounts they will introduce Financial Services Business exclusively to you.

Q. How will you ensure future business comes back to me?
A. Every Will is booked in on a database and the source of business is included in a separate field. All future enquiries are checked against this data and returned to the original source.

Q. Do you deal with other IFA’s?
A. Yes we deal with many IFA’s all over Southern England, we even have our own small practice in Bristol. It's a separate company and works in a similar way to our other business contacts.

Q. How can I be sure you won’t introduce my client to your own IFA?
A. Our relationship with IFA’s is vital to the continued success of our business. If we don’t ensure our Will Writing Company is run impeccably, we would soon stop receiving introductions and quickly run out of new business.

Q. How much will you pay for introductions?
A. If your Will Consultant is unable to introduce levels of business which you are happy with we will pay £50 and a weekend break for every Four Wills completed.

Take your own Instructions!
Some of our IFA's like to take the Instructions themselves. We have on-line Will Forms and can return up to 65% of the Fee to YOU.

We can provide at no cost:

* Easy to complete forms, support and back-up
* Full training
* Every Will fully Indemnified

For more information contact WDS Associates on 0800 056 2015