Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document which bestows the person of your choice the power to manage your financial affairs and/or medical and welfare decisions if you were unable to now or in the future.

A Lasting Power of Attorney is the only document which gives this power after mental incapacity such as a stroke. It has to be Registered with the Office of the Public Guardian.

A Donor is the person making the Power of Attorney.

An Attorney is the person the Donor appoints to act.

Who needs one?

* Anyone who has Assets in their sole name or owns shares in a property
* Anyone who owns Investments, like Tessa's or Peps or ISA's
* Anyone who has Bank or Building Society accounts in their own name

In the event of an accident, illness or a problem abroad

* All Assets are frozen
* Access to them is prohibited
* There is a delay in dealing with bills then the Court of Protection is the only option
* A Receiver is appointed and charges are incurred